Special Events

District Haridwar is one of the potential districts of Uttarakhand in the field of agriculture. Keeping in view the agro climatic conditions, demand and profitability of the crops in the shrinking land and water resources, the center has made marked contributions for the commercialization and advancement of sugarcane, wheat and paddy through introduction of high yielding varieties viz. PRH 10, PB 1, PB 6, PB 1509, PS 15, PD 12 in paddy; PBW 373, DPW 621-50, UP 2565, UP 2572, UP 2425, PBW 550, DBW 16&17, DBW 71, WR 544 in wheat; CoP 99214, CoP 96268, CoP 05224, CoP 03220 in sugarcane through 1985 demonstrations under KVK supervision.

Evaluation and refinement of some effective, eco friendly chemical pesticides against various pests and diseases in cereals and vegetable crops which includes cartap hydrochloride 4G, chloropyriphos 20 EC, thiram, tricoderma, pseudomonas, tricogramma japonium, egg parasitoids, carbendazim, streptocycline are found promising and effective. Besides, we have introduced pusa jwala of chilli, Kanti and arka, anamika in okra, pant samrat in brinjal, chamana F of bittergourd, arkel, kashi udai and azad P1 of vegetable pea, RCSCS-AF_1 in fennel, swarna in turmeric, pusa bold, jai kisan, pusa agrani, pusa tarak, pusa vijay, NP 112, NPJ 113, PM 27, EJ 17, hybrid 5444 of mustard; type 32, kausal of groundnut, type 78, shekhar and RT 46 of sesamum; PL 4, VLM 4, PL 5, PL 8 of lentil; PU 31, PU 35 of urd; PG 186 of gram, Hybrid napier 1, 3 and 6 and CARI devendra for poultry farming.

KVK have also introduced trench opener in sugarcane, zero till ferti seed drill in wheat sowing by carrying out the resource conservation technological methods. KVK have developed Dhanauri maize sheller to reduce the drudgery involved in maize shelling. KVK have provided the solutions to various problems occurred in the district among the farmers by seed treatment, ecto and endo parasite control, balance feeding practices, malnutrion in children, low milk production, composite fish farming, light traps, poly tunnel, etc. by conducting 28 on farm trials (OFT) on 171 locations. Participation of the center in planning and execution of contingent plan during the flood calamities in the district also helped the farmers to mitigate the conditions. A sum of Rs. 44.80 lakh as financial assistance was brought from ATMA, NFL, HMNEH, ICAR, PPVF&R and others research and development agencies for assessment, refinement and dissemination of agricultural technologies, infrastructural development and strengthening of KVK. Besides, we have generated about Rs. 40 lakh in our revolving fund.

Keeping in view the outstanding contribution of KVK, Dhanauri, Haridwar in the field of dissemination of technology, demonstration, projects being handled,, funds generated for infrastructural development Shri Harish Rawat, Hon’ble MOS and Minister of Water Resources, GOI and other VIPs appreciated the work of the center and its scientists have also been awarded with 13 awards at various eminent forums. A total of 749 trainings have been imparted on various aspects of agriculture and allied subjects for practicing farmers and farm women of haridwar district in which 14388 farmers benefitted directly. Besides, 1880 farm women also benefitted through various training programmes for gender empowerment in the district.